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Master switch / cut off


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(Astar350B2) Which instruments or else stays on when activating the master switch?

Some say, it redirects current to only PP5. So you would have NG, NR, T4, Inst lights 1, compass, warning panel, horn, oil T and P, sling and some more…

Other say, it’s supposed to give you the min instruments/lights given in the CARS or enough gauges to act in case of engine problem/failure. 

The switch is protected by a 2.5A fuse (2E3 in the battery compartment). That is not a lot to protect many instruments at once. 

On some machines that I have tested, only NR and NG stays (checked all lights, audio and gauges).

SDS, WDM, FLM, training manual all say different stuff. 
The only one that gets closer to what I had on the machines is the training manual. It’s says NR, NG and ICS - but ICS wasn’t working when I tested it.

Thanks in advance!

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14 hours ago, ray said:

Only Ng, Nr, and overhead lights stay on as per the original Airbus wiring.

Some companies, when installing the Geneva console, may add a radio on to that, but it isn't included in the factory set up.

Good to know for the Geneva console!

Thanks for your answer!

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