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List Of Tools Required For First Job

Puddle Jumper

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Twotter says it all, if you have to borrow it more than once, consider buying it. As for the Makita, look for a 9.6 volt, they are getting hard to find but it has all the torque you need and is still small and light. If you travel to the field, don't buy a butane soldering iron, NOT allowed in checked baggage as it is dangerous goods. (Unless you want to buy a new unused one every time) On helicopters, I never use 3/8 drive. Never had the need, I have a few 1/2 drive sockets that work for me. Snap-on 4 way off-set wrench's are a must. Start with 9/16 to 5/8's then add the rest. Blue-Point ADP slip joint wrenches are also well used, cost 100bucks but well worth it.

Hope this helps

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OK Klipper, personal challenge time....you with a leatherman, me with my bush box of confusing tools. we'll enlist the help of some other inexperienced forum member for this.

they will randomely pick a component on a helicopter of their choice and we will at the sound of BulletRemington opening a can of beer start the challenge at removing and re-installing the component. For fairness I will do it with a wedgie to slow me down a bit and add an element of discomfort.

Loser buys a round. winner gets bragging rights.

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