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Theres Ozi explorer, but using a laptop or notepad is awkward


Im in Casara and we use oziexplorer and some of the guys are using their PDA's, they use their laptops to get the maps they will need and put any waypoints needed and then download them to the PDA's. Some guys are putting the laptops in the back of the aircraft and use the PDA as a remote screen up front, this helps if you are going long distances as the PDA's have a hard time with memory.

here is some mounts for PDA's



and if you still love your laptop here is some mounts for them



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Thanks again guys -

It is sure nice to start a topic and see the forum members offer help and assistance instead of insults, rumour, innuendo and hearsay.

Excuse me while I wipe a tear from my eye!




Prairie Geomatics site




Ozi explorer site

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Hi there,

Try http://www.softmaptech.com/introduction_en.html

Its a Canadian (Quebec) company that produces Canada Topo 250 or Topo 50 and it is a fantastic program. You can seamless scroll, do bearing/distance calculations, add GPS waypoints (interface your GPS with the program), and if you pay extra, you can get moving map capability - i.e. take your laptop with you...and a lot more.

One small word of caution, Topo 250 covers the entire country, Topo 50 has specific lat/long coverages. My only complaint is that the 1:50,000 doesn't go far enough north in most provinces except Quebec.

I've had this program for years and upgraded it several times. I started with Topo 250 and have added a couple of areas of Topo 50 since.


tin lizzie

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