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H135 pilot training

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22 minutes ago, CM119 said:

Depends on a lot of things.  What your intentions are for flying will dictate that.  First thing first, get your license at a flight school.  Do you have an employer? Do you own the aircraft?  Will need a bit more info.

I have a job opportunity, but to get the job I need to know how to fly the H135 

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3 hours ago, just looking said:

I don't mean to deflate you. However the chances of flying a 135 for anyone without a minimum of 1,000 flight hours on helicopter is probably an impossible dream. If you obtain your commercial licence you could probably find a company to give you an endorsement that will probably cost in excess of $30,000.00

You should have asked...do you have unlimited amounts of cash...money will buy you anything. The line in this business is how do you make a million dollars...start with 10 million. Reminds me of an apprentice who asked me why our company wasn't flying S76 in the bush...I will leave that answer up to you guys!

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