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Need To Post


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Guest Bullet Remington

Is that naything like Discombobulated?? As in "I think it's discombobulated! No it ain't! Any fool can see its Malotched!"


There I've posted!


Note to Roscoe: THUNK is NOT a word!! Unless of course you read the news for CNN!! :up:

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Discombobulated = Me after a slugfest with Maggie. (Ha! Not really!)


Rbird might be ancient, but he's accurate.


Think (thank) (thunk) = Old use of an Old English irregular verb that never really conformed to the standard method of forming past participles and/or past tenses.


In contemporary common speech, "thank" is forced out to avoid collision with thank, thanked, thanked---as in "Thank you! Thank you very much!"


Thunk/thunking are used today in the IT world (PCs) when convert/converting a 16-bit memory address to a 32-bit address, and vice versa. And I KNOW Skidz knew that! :D


Malocheted = From the Bullet Remington Dictionary. Prolly of Scottish origin (?). :P

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Guest Bullet Remington



Nope not Scottish!! Terrible thing to imply, especially to a Norman! <_<


Discombobulated is from the Newfie dictinary that I haven't written yet!!


Same as Maltched! In the MRO world, Malotched means BER.


AND, I still maintain that THUNK is not a freakin word, used in the context utilized by Roscoe!


As in, "Who'd have thunk it?" now I may be wrong, being an illigetamate (SP) Newfie. I do have Grade 21 (I took grade 7 three time, Maid!)


My believe is and shall be that the correct phrasology should have been," Who'd have thought?"


As for your reference to Computer Weenies using the non-word "thunk" come on get serious!! These same Weenies are the insightfull lot who decided it was wise to hit the "START" button to shut down the computer, Use the "Re-Boot pharse to " Re-Set" the computer. and Bytes to calculate computer memory space! And they even spelled that wrong!!



Ah, Geez, what's the world coming to?? I've had enough trouble trying to figure out how to communicate in a least one of the official languages, and have mastered neither!! ;) :


Now you lot are inventing new words, with back *** words meaning???? :shock:


I'll leave you with this though, I am not illiterate, my parents WERE married when I was concieved and born!! :up: :up:


Where's ya get the definition anyway?? Webster's or Oxford Dictionary???

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LMAO, Bullett! :D I don't know who's funnier with their britches in a bunch (discombobulated): you or Biggles! Ha!


Rosco's right: "Who'd have thunk?" is Old English...and it is still heard/used on occasion today. By the next generation or two, that usage will have all but vanished.


You're right: "Who'd have thought?" is contemporary English and more commonly heard.




And if we don't stop talking about this, those who NEED TO MAKE A FIRST POST OR GET DELETED BY THE FORUM GODS are gonna think they died and went to grammar ****! :o Aaaccckkk! :)






Hey, Newbies and Long-time No-Posters. WHAZZUP? ;)

(BTW, temporary bouts of insanity are quite common around here. It's all good!)

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Post it or lose it.


You know how hard it is to do that when you're stuck in a camp or small community without internet access?

I just happened to drive into Peace River today to pick up parts, and checked my e-mails. Could have waited till the end of September for that.

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