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Chc Global Ops Personnel Come Here!


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Oh. My faux pas. :) I was really alluding to the fact that I KNOW you're all too professional to engage in barroom brawls over a discussion. :P Am I right or am I right?

(I keep wanting to call you Clifford...you know, The Big Red Dog. Ha!) :D


Online barroom brawls ? Nah. Helicopter pilots prefer the real thing ! :up:


Nothing like a good codfish slap upside the head eh ? :lol:

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I think what some are trying to say is that everyone has their niche in life. Some aspire to more complicated tasks such as IFR Heavy, while others are happy to stay VFR.


There is no shame in staying light and in the sunshine, we all have to count our calories!







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IFR Heavy more complicated? Us poor, simple VFR folk just don't understand I guess, eh?


Oh well... back to the simple life then... prescribed burns with a heli-torch, mountain goat capture in the winter, setting steel A-frames with a longline and all that other relaxing VFR stuff. Boy, I'm glad I'm not having to do all of that complicated IFR crap, I don't think my teeny VFR brain could handle it.


Before all the IFR dudes get all bent out of shape regarding the above, I've done a bunch of single-pilot IFR flying in various fixed-wing aircraft.

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