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Calgary Downtown Heliport

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Not sure why I didn't notice before, but the November Vertical calendar has a great photo of STARS' H145 in the air and in the background, I see the downtown heliport has a nice white X through the pad. Calgary website says NOTAM (Notice To Air Missions¬†ūü§™) issued in Sept./20... Anyone have the scoop on this? I know at lease 1 user who has tried to meet with and educate the City to no avail... Inquiring minds (mine) want to know....¬†

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I'll chime in Grant.  I've been working (along with others) with the City to reopen the pad.  Initially it was a temporary thing, then I got a meeting with the Mayor's 'right hand'.  It sounds like some trees need to be removed/trimmed, new security system, and a few other things.  I think the tab was 120k.  We questioned why so much, after all, removing/trimming trees couldn't possibly cost so much, but they explained that when a tree is removed, it must be replaced somewhere else (part of our Liberal bureaucratic way of doing things any more).  My belief is that they are scared of the tree huggers and don't want to touch the trees, or a developer is eying the property for development.  One thing I know for sure is that if they close this helipad down permanently, we will never see another open downtown.  

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Thanks for adding in, Matt.... So I'm the choir being preached too... I find it unbelievable that YYC would even contemplate not having this facility available... so what are the traffic numbers? corporate use, movies, law enforcement? if you use or have used or are feeling impact by it not being available, let us hear...

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