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Medicals And Flying

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On the other hand, didn't know much better and didn't care, was flying, the pay cheques (Checks, for TQN) didn't bounce every other month,  and we were flying!!

Thanks for the clarification, Bullet. :D I gotta tell ya, I REALLY struggle sometimes with words like flavor, honor, color, check and such when that pesky U shows up in the middle of 'em. A real brain workout. Geeesh! :P Will never tire of those stories, though! :rolleyes:

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Well troops I'm finally home, it's been a long summer.


I managed to fly several different aircraft this summer, A DC3 and a Super Decathalon for the aerobatics stuff, and I got 12 hours of Boeing 767 time with two of the guys that fly with me in the Cat...f.ck the jets are... B O R I N G ... about the only interesting thing was a clear night at FL410 down to Turkey and back...but still Boring, boring, boring... :angry:


Oh joy oh joy I got to enter the trip back to Amsterdam in the FMS, Jeeses ( a religeous description ) I cant imagine how these guys can do that day after day....


Here is a TV link from Dutch TV that you can have a look at, it was my last two flights in Holland, we were part of a big celebration of Harbour Days in Rotterdam and they closed the Harbour to all traffic two days in a row so we could do the Dog and Pony show for the entertainment of the public...( there were 450,000 people watching the festivities and we spent most of our time on the wing scoping out the breeding stock :up: )





Naturally its in Dutch and about four or five minutes long...there are several shots of our Cat flying includuing our first landing in the river right in down town Rotterdam....something that is very, very unusual..


The Reverend Chas. W.

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Guest Bullet Remington



Yep, loved reading about the antics of Ace McCool and the Down East Gang! Too bad those stories aren't still in production! Made for some hilarious reading!


There's an engineer that works outa Labrador with the name "ACE", I swear to God, based on the antics of McCool, those boys have to be brothers! That is of course, assuming Ace McCool was real!! Both are thicker than a keg of nails!


The other one I enjoyed was about Derry Air! What was the names of those three mechanics again? Huey, Louie and Douie?? Those guys were always up to no good!


Forgot the name of the guy that used to write Derry Air. Garth Something or other??

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Guest Bullet Remington



Yep, hard work programing the FMS, playing with the MCDU's and staring at the CDU's. <_<


Those boys spend too much time doing that, their brains will be FADU'd and they'll have to get SMYD faced!! :D


Glad to hear ya made it back. Crossing the big pond in a personnel freighter is long and boring!!


Thanks for the update about the Cat flying in the Netherlands. Too bad I can't open the file! :down:


Take care of ya B.A. old self!



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My all time favourite line was from a story where the Stewardess announced over the PA: "Ladies and gentlemen, would you ensure that your ciagrettes are distinguished and your seats are in the uptight position"


AND Aces's decal on his intrument panel:


"This aerodyne is operated from the right front seat. Anyone disputing the manner in which it is flown will kindlky note the mistle-toe attached to the pilt's coat tail".






TQN ------- you just be quiet. If not, then I'll get you to explain to me the difference between the words "gray" and "grey". :P


My American granddaddy told me a long time ago what the difference was between a Canadian and an American......it was when they cussed. The Canadians are religious about it and say "Holy ####", but Americans just say plain old "SHEET". ;)

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