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E&B Accident 24 Sept 2019

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How’s is it that any owner can be in so many positions in so many helicopter companies. 
Transport is to blame for this one aside from the blades, check values and accumulators removed. Give me a F ing break Transport, how about you go out an actually do something meaningful for once.
Did they go after the last engine inspection signature ACA? Makes me wonder why they closed the doors, NOT!
Karma’s a real b*tch sometimes!

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2 hours ago, just looking said:

I guess you could ask the same about the 205/212 Blade pins after the accident in Alberta 2 years ago. 

I wouldn't say that... these products and the accidents that they caused couldn't be more different.

The Bell pins have been used since the inception of the medium and have been reliable for decades. They would not have failed, in this case, if not for the Dollar Store vendor that Bell chose to use. The errors in Bell and the vendors processes that allowed that particular pin out the door are clearly known and therefore can be remedied. The "bad batch" of pins was also a tiny percentage of all pins that have been manufactured(and have not been defective).

In the scope of 206B products, Van Horn Main Rotor blades are brand new, very few were made before Van Horn realized they needed a complete redesign to be marketable, there have been multiple fatalities that *may* be blames on them, and this report is saying they fall short of meeting all the TC cert processes. 

Things seem to be going better for Van Horns 206L version but the JetRanger blades...🤷‍♀️

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18 hours ago, UggaDugga said:

Talk about the deck being stacked against you! 

How is it that Van Horn M/R blades are still legal after all this?

With all the inconsistencies in the report about the way "things were done around here"

I would venture to guess over torque was not out of the question. ( No proof... only a guess ) The report say he was videod looking at the blades so maybe he saw something and decided to go anyway. Kind like he didn't want the double check valve done before the flight. 

The hanger is a tough looking place to get out of with a heavy load on a hot day.

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2 hours ago, robottxt said:

The answer to your question is in the report.

Ok i guess 1 other accident with 3 fatalities. The way i read it i felt you were stating multiple incidents as well as fatalities. Either way i have flown both the old and new blades. The old blades are garbage there is no doubt about that. They would go out of balance and get rough every 50 hours or so. I would suggest the FAA and Transport believe in the blades. Considering the new blades time life was increased to 20,000 hours all while these accidents are being investigated. 

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