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starting out in canada

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here''s a question for all you seasoned pilots out there...and im sure you must get this a lot, but please bear with me.

Just wondering how low time pilots just out of flight school build hours. In the states it seems like evreyone gets their cfi, is it the same in canada?

Also is it worth while spending the extra money getting night and insturment ratings, or would an employer pay for them if the need came up?

One final thing...can anyone reccomend a good school

(preferrably in BC)

Any help would be great!!!

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Action Jackson

In Canada the term would be Instructor, since CFI here means Chief Flight Instructor


It is impossible to start out as an instructor here, since the requirements are 250Hrs PIC in HELICOPTERS before you are allowed to start instructing. Something our Stuck Wing brethren don't need to! Another thing too is that you only need 100 hrs to become a CPL holder!! It seems most people are able to find work, sweeping a hangar floor, or running dispatch, or cleaning helicopters etc. Ant that eventually gets them into the position, where they get to fly more and more.

Well that was a rant2.gif

Night rating are not totally necessary, since most operators do not operate at night (or so I believe) and from the start you'll have to get a night rating AFTER you get your license if you get an Abinitio CPL. The Instrument rating is something most pilots wait with, but I don't think any company would pay for it. If you don't already have it, most companies will eventually give you a Turbine endorsement, if you prove yourself loyal and hard working.

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100 hr.pilots instructing in the USA.That explains everthing

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- "It seems most people are able to find work, sweeping a hangar floor, or running dispatch, or cleaning helicopters etc"



A friend of mine did a study for Canadore College about 6 years ago. Their best estimates put only about 40% of heli grads into industry, with the other 60% never getting in. This was a study of all of Canada, not just their school.

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Flinger ---- until we have that 'pilot shortage', I don't even know how that percentage gets work. As long as people keep showing up with the money, there'll be people ready and willing to take it. The Law of Supply and Demand will always reign supreme and that's why some haven't found a job 3-5 years after obtaining their CPL. This ain't nothing new at all....it's been going on for the last 35 years at least. I've been waiting to see that pilot shortage since 1960. I'm told that I should be patient because it is just around the corner when the old guys retire. I guess there hasn't been any amount of pilots retire since then.9.gif

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There are nobody that starts instructing in the states at 100 Hours, since you need at least 150 to get your CPL, but then again what is 50 hours. Well that was the route I took, and now I''m here, teaching young prospecting canadian helicopter pilots, and it seems to work out fairly well!
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