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starting out in canada

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What''s he mean ''seasoned pilots''? Watch it, fella! But then, I think CTD''s got some garlic powder on him, and 407 Driver sounds a little salty at times.


As said elsewhere ''action,'' for me it''s the driver who demonstrates the best attitude and ability that gets the job. I don''t care if he can teach, fiddle, or fart ''gynormous.'' The better he can do what we need, the better he is for us.

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Garlic powder? Jeez, maybe some dry rub, but NEVER garlic powder. Sir. Hey, She-TD says I can fart gynormous - got a job for me?


Hey Punk, I have a stat for 'buddy who did the study'. I trained with 7 others, and was the only one to EVER turn a blade after. And that took over five years of trying. Finally, my charm and good looks got me hired flowerface.gif - just in the nick of time.




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Here''s somemore stats...I trained at Canadore with 50 guys way back when...maybe 12-15 guys actually got flying...of those...3 were KIA...and there may be 5-8 guys still mixing the sticks...at the Canadore reunion last fall they said that around 1400 pilots had trained and 189 guys-gals showed up for the reunion and a lot of those guys-gals weren''t flying anymore.One of my buddies that showed up said he was the only one from his class that got a job and we heard that a lot of classes never had one get a job...that''s pretty sad stats.

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Maybe that''s because you are a loser.dunce.gif In addition, you can''t drink.


BTW Irish Descendants in town soon for ''Tulip Festival''. And what happened to the ''Piles''?


Drop me a line and let me know about your search.....


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Crash Test Turkey,


I trained with two others and was followed shortly after by a girl. Of the four of us, three have swung blades and I managed to get the fourth one a ground crew job but, he didn't want to leave home.


That said, I'm still struggling.


Mr. Rideout,


The position you spoke of was filled about three minutes ago by the laddy I mentioned.




Congrats 9.gif9.gif

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Now I don''t know what the general concensus is, but I think it stinks that a new pilot is so unenployable. I got real lucky about 6 years ago and am happily flingin along. I know so many hard working people that got their licences and took off with a piece of paper and the last bit of cash that they had only to get ultimately nowhere. A very select few succeded in getting that coveted mopping job, but the majority are making ends meet some other way. I understand that it''s pretty tough to get a low timer onboard and flying considering the risks. It would be nice if some better way, other than pure luck or inside contacts, were available to help these poor "people" out. No suggestions myself as of yet but I''m sure there are some people out there that would love some good genuine chances or advice.

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It''s not the companies themself that don''t want to hire you, it''s the insurance companies won''t let them do it. And since 9/11 it has gotten even hard for them.I have 9000 hrs. and I have a real hard time finding a full time job on either side of the border.


So good luck

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It''s almost like pulling the handle on a slot machine in LasVegas this getting started thing.


I got my start in helicopters by default. A company in Windsor Ont. called me and said they needed a pilot with Ag. experience and an Aerial Applicators license so they could apply for an OC.


So I said why not?


So off to Windsor went I and got paid a salary to learn to fly helicopters and it was almost like my first piece of a++ I loved it.


That was in 1964 and it was exactly the same trying to get a job then as it is now, nothing changes its more LasVegas luck than anything else.


I know my little story won''t be much help but at least it shows nothing changes.


Chas W.

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They were cured... WITHOUT Operation!


You''re right about the drinking. I passed out early last night too. I think theres a video kicking around here somewhere with my buddies trying to rouse me by poking me with various objects and subjecting me to some rather nasty wrestling holds. I''m also expecting a nasty cell phone bill.


I need new friends.

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