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Helicopter Flips When Passenger Jolts Controls

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Helicopter flips when passenger jolts controls


New Zealand Herald




Two men walked away uninjured this morning when a helicopter crashed in Hawke's Bay.


After a flight over Ben Lomond Station near State Highway 50, pilot Bernie Symonds is believed to have landed at Maraekakaho, 28km west of Hastings, and stepped out of his Sikorsky Helicopter, leaving the engine running.


In the process of getting out, his passenger is said to have lifted the dual controls installed for training purposes, prompting the machine to lift off the ground, throwing the passenger clear before toppling over. :shock:


Mr Symonds, from Hastings, works under Taranaki-based company Helicopter Services and keeps his helicopter at his home in Pakowhai Road.


Company head Brett Emeny said while both men were uninjured, it was clear some mistake had happened.


"It's more of a disappointment than anything."


Today Mr Symonds' family were breathing a sigh of relief, saying only that he had been "bloody lucky" to walk away.

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412D - I thought of that, but has anyone referred to them as Sikorskys yet? Does Sikorsky plan to add their moniker, or will they let Schweizer operate autonomously?


N1 - thanks for the info, guess I wasn't thinking "classic". That's unfortunate news, I expect there are fewer of the old gals around. Figured most of the 55s still flying had been given the turbine treatment. Does the cockpt layout particularily lend itself to this kind of boo-boo? Would you want to leave the controls while it's turning with a non-pilot having access? I wouldn't in anything I fly - but I'm a little fussy that way.

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