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AS350 Collective Guard STC


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Good day,

I'm looking for certs (STC/Drawings) for the lexan/plexi collective protector (To prevent passengers from dropping things on fuel control/collective). I've seen them in lots of astars, but now I'm trying to source one and I can't seem to find it in the Airbus IPC. Also checked Dart, Aeronautical Accessories, and Tech-Tools. 

Any leads would be appreciated!


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I believe that installation may be part of a stretcher kit.

You could search Transport Canada for STC's (search Google for transport Canada NICO)

I would consider calling Airbus Helicopters in Fort Erie. The have some good people in Tech Support.

Maxcraft Avionics out of Pitt Meadows, BC might also be able to help you.

Here's STC search page on TC website:



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the Quadrant protection seems to be the white elephant in the room as its near impossible to search for. Links to nowhere, or links with no useable info.

There is an old thread on here, where someone else was looking for it as well. Any of the documents referenced in that thread are dead links now. An older options list from Eurocopter was listed and I suspect it had the STC at least. 


My guess is since Airbus doesn't deliver aircraft with the old style quadrant anymore, they have washed their hands of the problem with the twist throttle and removed documents involving its installation and availability.


Hopefully the Tech Reps have some archived data on the protector they can pass onto you...if they are allowed to.





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Check out Geneva's (now DART's) Dual front seat STC SH93-72. Drawing Number G10155 "Collective Area Guard" is still listed on Darts tech pub website:


Hope this helps!

G10155 II Collective Area Guard.pdf

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Thanks for the leads! 

I did call Airbus Tech Support, and they're digging into it for me. The guy on the phone also said that they were part of a litter kit STC, and that Airbus has two different styles as well. Still waiting for his e-mail with documents

The drawing on the dart website is pretty similar to what I've seen. Airbus has a different style one for the double front seat on their IPC too. 

My guess is that people are just rigging up whatever they want for a collective guard..

If I find anything else, I'll put it here for the next guy who comes looking


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It's mentioned in the ECL litter kit install.



Particularly in the FMS page 4, listed as optional.  Might be worth digging into the kit and seeing if you can find a part number in there.. 



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I talked to Airbus in Fort Erie and they were super helpful. 

The Control Quadrant is part of the Airbus L/H Litter Kit STC. (Dart/Geneva have something similar, and sounds like AirMethods might have something as well) Airbus has a couple different models, but it's just the aluminium and/or steel frame - Seems like the plexi/lexan is a DIY thing that operators have done on their own. There is also a different guard connected to the dual front seat STC.  

He sent me a couple drawings of the Control Quadrant (attached). Aside from that, there doesn't seem to be any information on it other than the links that you guys have shared. 

Again, thanks for all the input! 


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