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R-22 Training Crash


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An R-22 was involved in a crash resulting from dynamic roll-over today. It was at YYJ and both student an instructor are okay, if a little sore. Instructor suffered a broken collar bone and the student received a few scrapes and bruises.


Knowing both the instructor and the student, I'm glad you are both alright! The machine is toast, but there are many more where it came from. Gonna miss that little ship. But glad I ain't gonna be missing you two fellas! Beer is on me when we see each other again. ;)


Guess it is true. Any landing you wallk away from is a good one! Gonna go try to untie the knot in my stomach now.

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an instuctor and a student? - Never should have happened -most likely a little bit of care would have kept it upright.


That's a pretty low thing to say. Unless you were there or know the circumstances then keep crap like that to yourself. Must be nice to have such a high chair to sit upon and judge the mortals eh? :wacko:

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