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R-22 Training Crash


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I had a bet going with myself as to whether you'd post about the accident or not...good for you mate! Like the others said, I doubt an employer will judge you by what happened in week 1 of flight training. You're far from the first guy to get caught by dynamic roll, and far from the last.

Like I said...I owe ya a beer or two.


Any clue is BR is getting a new machine any time soon?

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It's hard enough for a new guy to get a job in this business. Would anyone hire a guy with a dynamic rollover to his credit on hour 6 of training? Or should I seriously think about cutting my losses? Both myself and my instructor are willing to keep going with my training. ( have to get back on the horse right? )


I appreciate any input


Rotorhead Wannabe aka D.R. Crash


I would like to say I commend you for being brave enough to step up and tell your story to this crowd. Good on ya, mate!


I have a very good friend who made a mistake when he didn't have the instructor beside him and achieved the same results. The first thing the instructor said was 'Well now you got that out of the way'. He is now a 2000 hour pilot flying in mountains and fog and such. He felt bad but never looked back.


Carry on, my friend!

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Hey rotorhead wannabe,


Glad you're both okay.


I don't think anyone will hold that against you. You're a student after all with an instructor. Totally different story if you were say screwing around solo and got in over your head.


The instructor is always PIC. The PIC has accidents not the students. This will go on his record and when viewed in the context of training a new pilot will be fairly broadly accepted as the cost of doing business of this type.


Get back at it and be the best new pilot you can be then when you get your license bust your *** and find yourself a job.


Good luck,


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Glad to hear you're both around to tell the story.


In the 22, of all the exercises that pose risk, Engine Failures in the Hover has the greatest potential for something to go wrong and it all happens so fast that it leaves the instructor very little time to correct.


It's unfortunate, but it can also be part of the learning experience for both of you. You've been through the process of the TSB first hand now, something very, very few experience in training (thankfully). If everyone involved were to analyse further, all the "links" in the incident chain may be identified and the information used to prevent similar occurances from happening (may not be applicable to this situation directly)


In any case, don't let it deter you and, as others have already suggested, it shouldn't play a part in any job you may find after.


Good luck in the rest of your training. :up:





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Don't quit your dream because of the roll over, nobody is ever going to use that against you, in fact it is more an asset because now you probably have a whole lot more respect for what you are doing and will be a safer pilot now that you know what can happen and don't want a repeat.


Chin up pilot. ;)

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...should I seriously think about cutting my losses? Both myself and my instructor are willing to keep going with my training....

First off RW, glad both you and your instructor are OK! :up:


Second, you got nads lad, baring your ego and soul here. Good on ya! ;) Probably says lots about your character, which will carry you farther than just your license will. Thanks for sharing.


Finally - you've been given lots of good advice here already, but I would say your instructor's willingness to go forward with you says more. He saw the whole thing. :shock:


Good luck! :)

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You should continue your training. No one was hurt and pride is repaired overtime.

Schools carry insurance to cover these sorts of occurances and both parties involved will have learned something from the event.

Make an offering to the heli-god by supplying some donuts and coffee!

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