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R-22 Training Crash


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First, from an earlier post... YES it does matter if the manoeuver is performed over grass or pavement. I only perform this exercise over the runway or taxi way and never over grass or dirt etc. If the aircraft does get going sideways the "slipperyness" of the pavement will reduce the rollover possibility greatly (although not completely).


I was doing a stuck pedal procedure with a trainee... everything was great, touched down at about 10 kts, going straight... throttle was being adjusted just fine... then, for some reason, he rolled the throttle completely closed. Machine went 90° left, real quick. I was amazed at how far the 22 slid, perfectly sideways, both skids firmly planted on the runway. Scary,but cool. :shock:


RW said he gave too much left cyclic. Justfly... yes a slight amount of right cyclic should be applied in the 22. As an instructor, one needs to anticiapte any input, correct or incorrect, during the exercise, but we're only human too. Getting behind that 1/10th of a second in this exercise is sometimes all it takes to be too far behind.



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Being a fixed wing pilot & having got to fly a helicopter a few occasions I can understand how easily the machine can get away from one if not really on top of it at all times,Fixed wing is definately easier to control even in a slow flight configuration with sloppy control inputs,introduction to helio flying has improved my own fixed wing flying just by comparing the differences of flight handling characteristics of both types of A/C,and this on a B 212 which as I`m told is a relatively stable helicopter in a hover,that I got to try a couple of times.Hat`s off to those instructing on & learning to fly the smaller,less stable types,it takes a fine touch,keep up the good work,safe flying to all.Snowroller

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A very valid point Justfly. And from what the instructor and myself can deduce the accident was probably due to a missed interpretation as to what the procedure would be.


The conversation went something like this just before the world fell over.


Instructor - When the power comes off the machine will move left, correct with the cyclic and right peddle.


Student - Ok left, cyclic, right peddle


Instructor - 3, 2, 1.....


As far as we can tell it was the missed communication both times that caused me to induce the left cyclic. I don't think the instructor had a chance to correct me in time, not just because of how fast things happen but also because I am still flying with the white knuckle deathgrip - something I will have to work at :blink:


I'm sure that between now and when I have the opportunity to go flying again that the instructor and I will definately go over our communication procedures.


As far as the dynamic rollover is concerned. The only way I can describe it is a bodyslam. It's not tipping over. It's not falling over. It IS being slammed onto your side faster than you can think. The amount of force such a light low power machine is able to generate is incredible.


I do hope this does make me a better pilot. It wasn't that I didn't respect the machine before, but now that is at a whole new level.


Thanks for all the support guys, it has been invaluable.


RW aka DR Crash

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If the aircraft does get going sideways the "slipperyness" of the pavement will reduce the rollover possibility greatly (although not completely).


It might be different in the R22 but when I was training (Bell 47), my instructor (Keith McMillan) always had me apply slight forward cyclic pressure during hovering auto's so if you are moving anywhere but straight down at least with a little forward motion you have less chance of a roll over.


Correct me if I'm wrong.

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