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The Worlds Oldest Helicopter Pilot?

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Several Years ago I was working for a company out of Salmon Arm I had the Pleasure of flying with Egan Agar.We were going to look at some Work and took him and some other peaple along.After we were airborne I turned the A/C over to him and he flew the rest of the flight.When we returned to Salmon Arm I asked him how he enjoyed the flight.He said the trip was a blur, Because of all the memories it brought back.I hope when I am in my 70's someone will return the favour.

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I know of a few but I prefer not to drop names.


One gentleman flew Spitfires in the Battle of Britain and when I first met him he was 72 and on his way to fly the summer in Mayo with a 206. He crashed thet year but still came back for a couple more years.


Another one is quite famous and he still flies with a restricted medical. He can honestly say to a 100 hour pilot that he has more time with the engine off than they do with the engine on (and he did quite frequently!).


P.S. No worries FREDDIE. When I'm in my 80's I'll invite you along for a flight sometime!!!

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407 Driver ------ you talking about a bunch of "Stars" there and I'm afraid that in their company, I'm possible a good "supporting actor" at best........but thanks for the thought anyway.


By the way, I didn't know that Yellowhead had any "old guys" there at all......did you know otherwise? :lol:

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