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The Worlds Oldest Helicopter Pilot?

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Vortex -------you are now a fine married man and we won't discuss ANYTHING concerning Quebec City okay? :lol: Let's see now......wasn't that XNF with the -17A? If memory serves me correctly, wasn't she the one that wiped-out Roger Cyr someplace in Australia. If you don't know for sure, ask Rocky....he'll know......and give him a big hello for me.


How's that for remembering? Do I get a Gold Star or a Silver Star?


I think you'll find that the picture has Arctic scenery in the background and that was a "playground" for Don and KO for quiete a number of years.

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Spartan ------ that picture of KO will do, although the hair ain't as red and he's ugly like me now. :lol: That's a fine picture of the 'ol stump-puller too and it's been a long, long time since I've even seen a picture of one. Thanks for that.


Chopper Stew ------ if you think KO likes having fun with the newbies, you should hear of some of the tricks he's played on the "old-timers". He got me good again just about 3 years ago and I can still see him howling at my reaction......buggar.


That's okay though because I got him with a few "doosies" over the years. He's one of a few who made "going out for the night" into a real "adventure". :lol:


MINI -------no that wasn't me, but I have a real good idea who it was. The only thing I've ever lost off a helicopter was the skid gear........and that's because I took-off and left them standing on the ground. Man-o-man, these helicopters race through the sky with no skid gear to slow them down. :shock:

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Speaking of sliding doors:

Heli Voyageur had RSR plus an ex-Bow 204 ( can't remember the reg. but sure remember the dark blue, red and baby blue paint job.) working in James bay. 1979 or 80 I think.

Anyhoo one fine day the pilot comes back in the Bow 204 and has lost the window from the sliding door - but he thinks we can find it so a bunch jumps on board and they thrash off.

The pilot starts flying over a large area and after a while the engineers asks him why. The driver says that as he was pretty high it may have drifted a bit.

The engineer asks how high he was and the pilot replies 9000 feet. ( Terrain about 700ASL)


I will always remember the engineer's next line: "Fer ducks sake return to base! The **** thing probably burned up on re-entry!!!!!!" :up:

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