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The Worlds Oldest Helicopter Pilot?

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Vortex -------you are now a fine married man and we won't discuss ANYTHING concerning Quebec City okay? :lol:  Let's see now......wasn't that XNF with the -17A? If memory serves me correctly, wasn't she the one that wiped-out Roger Cyr someplace in Australia. If you don't know for sure, ask Rocky....he'll know......and give him a big hello for me.


How's that for remembering? Do I get a Gold Star or a Silver Star?


Yeah...Quebec City...I'm still hungover. The 205 was XLF and I can't remember if thats the one Roger was in.

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Vortex -------I knew I was close, but okay......XLF it was. Hungover eh? I didn't know they were also serving booze behind those curtains. :lol: Ialso remember that movie Director being totally flabbergasted that anyone could exist on a $35/day per diem when she passed out that $135 for the exact same thing. I also remember what you did with yours and how big that plate was. Many times when I fill out my expense sheet for daily per diems I remember that SOME people manage to "scrape by" on just $135 for the same 3 meals.

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On 9/7/2005 at 9:17 PM, 407 Driver said:

Gentlemen, what a great thread, lots of great info and nostalgia, but more important... it makes me feel YOUNG !


Yes, Don WEDERFORT is not only still on the line, but doing a fantastic job flying 5-6's every day in a 4 ski-group Lodge. 🆙

I bumped into Don Wederfort a few weeks back...still kicking, still flying and still a stand-up guy!

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