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Thank you Bruce.


First, I am appalled and disheartened at the response from the aviation community. My original post didn't ask for your political views. If I wanted to know what the uneducated masses felt of the US government's reaction to the devastation I would have turned on FOX news. The large majority of you will never know devastation, and rightfully so. We live in the best country in the world. The remaining minority have seen/flown in parts of the world that most people should never have to, and for that I applaud you. The devastation on the coast is not an issue to be observed with any degree of cynicism. At least not yet. People have made grevious and fatal errors and that is inexcusable. However, none of it matters until every person, living or dead, is extracted from the chaos. People like us that have the unique ability to ease the suffering and calm the masses should not sit idly by and watch people suffer; sneering at the head-shed for their incompetencies. If something is wrong. Fix it. Get out of your chair and help. For those of you that have seen destruction first hand I apologize. To the rest of you, I will censor the rest of my lecture for a more appropriate venue.

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Mac ----- During the Vietnam War, the Canadian Ambassador to the Far east, Chester A. Ronning and his Staff, conducted "spotting and siting target activities" for the CIA and the USAF for their bombing runs over North Vietnam under orders from Ottawa. They were considered representatives of a neurtral country and had full run of both North and South Vietnam. They also could and did move freely within Communist China because Ronning had been born and raised there of Canadian missionary parents. That's all inconsequential, except for that fact that one of his childhood best friends was Chou En Lai, who ranked second only to Mao Tse Tung. He admits fully that he was privy to suggestions and information that Chou En Lai passed on to him in private conversations concerning " certain future activities" in North Vietnam. He also arranged for the Canadian government to "recognize" the government of Communist China. They did that and Richard Nixon consulted with Ronning for advice before they too did the same thing years later.


Sources: (1)"The Memoirs of Chester A. Ronning"....easily obtained from your local library.

(2) "Access To Information" and the documents for getting all this information can be obtained from your local Main Canada Poste Office.


Check your own country's actions worldwide first before pointing finger at others about their wrong-doings. Brought to you by a citizen of both countries by birth.

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alright, enough is enough with the personal attacks... there are people down there part of the human race who are suffering and who gives a **** who's at fault until as much help as possible has been given...


you got personal issues with someone, take it to pm's like men/women and get back to thinking about our global neighbors... mother nature takes the hit on this one as the cause.. :angry:

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The head man of FEMA Micheal Brown was just fired from his position, still part of the FEMA agency at noon today.

first thing FEMA done right is this disaster :down: local radio station reviewing event time line.

mr. brown makes a statment on Thursday Sept. 1st that the federal had just learned of the survivers in the convention center, 3 days after the had arrived there. :down: a few other people at FEMA need to get thier arses kicked IMHO. :angry:

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