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Mac -----and THAT sir is where proper research ends. The minute you stop reading something because it does not agree with your previous research, ideas or opinions, then at that moment complete learning stops.


Apologies for mentioning something concerning "Vietnam". I did so only because I am a big admirer of Chester A. Ronning and to demonstrate that Canada has also been involved in many "misdeeds"........and until they stop doing so, Canadians would do well to stop criticizing other countries for their "misdeeds" otherwise they take on the mantel of hypocrits.

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TQN -------- I wasn't apologizing for my involvement or anyone else's. I do however respect the fact that there are some who find the mention of anything to do with that war tiresome after all these years and that feeling has got to be acknowledged and respected. So don't read that apology the wrong way young lady. :)

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TQN -----There's no "new history".....we just keep repeating the old stuff over and over. This has all happened before, only the last time something of this magnatude happened on our side of the border, America jumped to our aide within hours, before OUR OWN government could react even. I grew up in Nova Scotia and certain events were drummed into my head. Here's but one of them:


DATE: December 1917


PLACE: Halifax, Nova Scotia


Two fully loaded ammunition ships collided in Halifax Harbour and the resultant explosion wiped-out most of the city. Until Hiroshima, it was the largest man-made explosion ever. Two trains immediately left Boston with medical personnel, medical supplies, food, blankets, tents, etc. etc. and made their way to Halifax.....and in a blinding snowstorm yet. It was another 4 days before the Canadian Federal government could react and also lend aide. TO THIS DAY, when the Christmas season starts, the City of Halifax sends an extremely large Christmas tree that takes it's place in front of Boston City Hall. That tradition has existed since 1920 and is thanks from a once devastated city to the people of Boston, the State of Mass. and the U.S for "being there" when they were needed and without being asked.


What goes around comes around and politics can go to ****.

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