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Helijet And Coulson Work It Out


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I'm thinking it was another ship. HJT is currently an EMS machine, and the story I heard was the rotor break fire totally destroyed the helicopter beyond repair.

If I'm wrong and it was Tango the AMEs did a wonderfull job putting her back together. :punk:


Helijet has had at least four HJTangoes. Maybe more since I left. The last one I flew was in John Deere colours and converted to a 76 A++ in 2001. One was a glass cockpit machine hit by lightning over Discovery Island. Made for an interesting decsent into Victoria when all the lights went out.



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nope :P


decu sir....how ARE you doing? you've become a stranger... :unsure:


204b and i are sad............ :(


on a lighter note....i remember a passenger asking me why the green and yellow.


i told him that John Deere had bought out 51% shares of the company. he didn't even flinch, just shrugged and climbed aboard :up:

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haha...man, i remember that yellow and green thing............ :shock:

and RH... i see on the photos you were accompanied by the famous captain "T.C."

relax guys....not THAT "TC" :shock:


It was a pleasure flying with a pro like him. Had to feed the Imodium a few times though, always have a good supply of that in the southern islands.



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Seriously??? They've sent another 61 packing have they??? At this rate, Papa and Whiskey might just become the first 76's with 50,000 hours on em!!!!!


The more things change, the more they stay the same............................


Should be entertaining to see what kind of magic JB comes up with in 2010.

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