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Converting CPL-H to ATPL-A


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Hi all,

Aside from starting some research online I figured I'd ask here to see if anyone as some info/experience to share to figure out exactly what training and how many flight hours are required to switch from a CPL-H (aprox 2500hrs) to get an ATPL Fixed Wing/IFR/Multi engine. (I do also have an FAA fixed wing PPL but havent looked into converting that to TC as well)

If any one has some info to share that would be much appreciated and I can report back once I get to the bottom of it on my side too if it might interest others.


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Ohhhhhhh Clemalus....here's what ya do.

Review Transport Canada Advisory Circular (AC) No. 401-001 - relates to conversion of FAA licences to Canadian, and vice-versa. 

You could also review the requirements for a commercial licence, then at the bottom it will tell you the time credits you would get to make your commercial helicopter into a private or commercial fixed wing (CAR Standard 421 - Flight Crew Permits). The ATPL would be a combination of more written exams, and meeting the experience requirements (ie: 1500 hours, with at least 900 in airplanes, instrument requirements, etc, etc). (Standard 421.34)

TC ATPL would likely require successful completion of an IFR PPC on an aircraft requiring minimum of 2 crew, but I speak from experience on the helicopter side, so don't hold me to that one.

Looks to me your best course of action would be: Convert your FAA PPL to TC PPL via the written exam, then if you have the required time on fixed wing write the CPL exam and do the ride. Then it's a matter of getting the IFR and Night done, adding a multi-engine rating and building up to that 900 hours in addition to your existing helicopter time.

Hope this helps. Signed: Your favourite 212 guy.....

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your cpl to cpl requires 100 hours fixed wing time, your PPL if you convert reduces that to about 60 hours, then you need multi and IFR time. you need to write SAMRA/SARON exams or IATRA as well as INRAT, AND get an IR group 4. now some of the flying pars can be combined. As in you can spend your IFR training working on your CPL hours.

The ATPL needs a certain amount of hours, 2000 total, plus a certain amount of fixed wing. 

I think the airlines will let you in with fairly low hours, but it would probably help if you had flown multi engine/multi crew.

There is no requirement for Multi Crew for the fixed wing ATPL for some reason.

Hope that helps a little.

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