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Pilot Log Book


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407 Driver -----close, but "no cigar". Cave walls eh?.....****...never thought of that. :D I remember distinctly though, that when I started it was **** hard, if not impossible to find a logbook with a column in it titled "Heli". That's why I reverted to a hard covered scriibbler because nowhere was there anything written that stated what the log book had to look like.......just times recorded appropriately. The "threats" started with Jacques, subsided with MacKenzie and continued again after him until I "gave in". ****, if I had my way, I'd grab my log book at the end of '05 and just make one entry......Year/Registrations and types flown/total hours for the year.......and put it back in the drawer until next New Years when I'd do the same again. ****, over half the a/c I've flown don't exist anymore, their records are God knows where and over half the companies are gone so long ago that hardly anybody has ever heard of them. :lol:

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QUOTE (Jet B @ Sep 9 2005, 05:10 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
A nice little program called FLTDUTY XLS

It tracks your limits and keeps a running total of your times.


FLTDUTY was not really designed as a logbook replacement but serves mainly to track duty times and rest as per the CARs 700.14. There are features for logbook type profile information as well as training records but this has been added on as a result of user input and requests for more features - still a work in progress.


It's possible that a future version may also include specific flight info entries as well as recurrency qualifications.


For more info, contact me castleb@nbnet.nb.ca

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Flight Duty XLS works well for keeping track of duty times etc on a computer.


A palm version Log book I use is: PalmLogPro




It is easily configured to use for any type of aircraft including helicopters, with numerous user fields to keep track of most any type of flying (night, long-lining, siesmic etc). No glitches and you can download a trial version to see if it works for you.

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