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Slick Set Up...tunes,moving Map,w&b...ect.!

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I've been using Ozi with my Garmin 76 for a couple of years now and am interested in upgrading my GPS. I can't find any info regarding compatibility of Ozi and the Ique 3600. I've heard rumors that out of the box it will not work but there is software available to link the two. Anyone out there figure it out?




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bought a ique 3600A ( the aviation model) this spring, and after the first flight I realized it was a piece of crap. Was constantly rebooting and freezing up on me in flight. I got a second one to try and the same with it. Was tired of looseing my waypoints, so I returned it. Still using my trusty garmin 72. Couple of guys at work with the ique3600 and they all seem to love it. not shure about OZI compatibility though.


Bell Boy

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