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Did you ever

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.... wonder why God made seaguls a light grey colour the same as low fog and clouds


.... figure out how long it took the aviation map makers to design maps that made sure that your departure and destination were on at least two different maps or at least in the very very corner!


.... wonder why the weather is always worse at your destination!


.... why the fuel in the last 1/4 of your tank burns twice a fast as the fuel in the first 1/4!


.... think that it's just pure luck that the CCP asks the only #@$%$## question you forgot to look up before your ride!


.... realize that the guy that makes your forcast never seems to look outside their window!


.... think that the camp cook hates you cause some helicopter pilot inpregnated his dimm wit sister, then split. And he only smiles at you when you are eating his homemade cream of mushoom soup!


.... wonder how CTD got his job! Or more importantly how he keeps it!


.... figure out why that drill motor you are tring to set on the skids is 180* from the way it should be no matter which way you're facing... and if you do figure out why please let me know.


.... stop to think how many Newfoundlanders are posting on this site!


.... why every time you pull ot the check list its upside down and backwards!


.... find yourself this bored, and could waste not only your own tme but everone that is reading this dribble!









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TWITCH!! Welcome aboard Dude. I was wondering when we''d see you in this forum.


I have wondered all of these things at one time or another, especially #8. Must be the karma.


Was going to post clever nothings, but She-TD is screaming to be fed. Must run...


Again, welcome aboard!

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Holy cow Twitch, having a bad day? or several?

How about this as a pick me up.


Ever have one of those days when you take off at first light in the calm cool air, and think, even after all the years that you''ve been doing this, how cool your job is?


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