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Company Perks


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I'm just curious about any of you who have survived, say, ten years or more with one company, if the company has provided any perks, in the way of a paid trip to the H.A.I.? or something similiar? Anyone get a leatherman or a mickey mouse watch?

Anyone been with one outfit more than 20 years?

I would be real interested to find out.

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20 years with an "un-named" corporation.

Got a car-bicycle rack ( $150). It was exactly the same as the one already hanging in my garage !


I gave it away to a friend :D


I never got anything at 5 - 10 - 15 though, Oh, that sweet little birdie pin :lol: Anyone want to buy them? They be cheap :P


They did send me and the Mrs to HAI in Dallas once though, best multi machine Base that year, 'cause I had about 5 aircraft on Fires that season, and had 1/2 of a culvert for a Hangar ( CAP had the other 1/2 ) :up: Thanks for the 3 days !

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Two trips out a year, company truck, gas, free clothing, douffle bags, free education, computer/helmet/gps purchase plan, the occasional dinner and drinks, security and a well managed pension plan...... Most importantly my Dad ended up in the hospital in the middle of June. I was at his bedside for over a month in the middle of summer with no replacement. Not so much as a peep out of my employer and still collecting a paycheque. Oh, and one of those birdy pins.



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:down: Just happened to be working at Cameron Base, for PHI when Roger (I will leave the last name off) had his thirty year (30) anniversary. They gave him an alarm clock. Thirty years. I guess after thirty years they were worried about him being late for work. Go figure. My-self six years at most for one company and that was CHC but three divisions (western div. Eastern div. and EMS div.) B)

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