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Sounds like Vermouth is winning this one!! The company I work for does the 5, 10, 15 year thing like Skidmark's. Also been there 4.5 years so I am just under the wire. I have received a couple bonuses and a gift at Christmas if you are lucky and get your name drawn out of a hat. It seems like in our industry one should be happy if they receive a pay check!!

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Sounds like a northern Base Vermouth, you deserve all that AND more. It's good to see that your company puts a value on people. afer all, it's all about people, as most helicopters are very similar beneath their paint.

CHW was good to me when I lost both my Mother and Dad. in addition to all the time off required, I was very touched by the YVR staff sending a flower arrangement to the church..it was huge. Very touching indeed.


I won't publically comment on my current perks, Confidential Industry info you know :up:


So, is anybody going to bid on this 20 year birdie pin? like new, never worn :D Lets start at $20 ?

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Pins at 5, 10, 15 and 20 plus a neat watch at 20 ( still haven't got the durn thing figured out but I'm making progress!) plus a pin a cheque at 25 plus the long service allowance.

The usual hats, coats, pants, sweaters, flight suits, shoes and shirts.

Great health and Dental and vision plan.

Stock purchase and retirement plan.

Free travel all over the world to places you would not usually think of visiting sometimes on airlines you never dreamed of using! ( Kinda like the 6-49 except you usually win ! ) :D

" Start JOKE"

After a number of years you can also call and rant at people in high places and they listen sympathetically. They don't do anything about your rant but they will listen! :up: This works especially well if you have taken lots of photos of the people in high place when they are visiting exotic places. Infared and NVG cameras are recommended. :rolleyes:

"END Attempt at humour"

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Seems like vermouth has got her pegged! It seems quite varied out there. I especially like the alarm clock. I've got one shaped like a mosque that calls you to prayer, but had to steal that one.


not to belabour a point, ( well maybe I am) it seems to me, from a company standpoint, a small price to pay to keep loyal (yuck) employees, with the occaisional freebie, being a t shirt, duffle bag, leather jacket, etc.


My hat off to pic-a-part for having the honour of wotking with helicopter jim, the queen of the fly bys. yuck yuck yuck.


Thanks for the input!

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:D Things are very good at green-gold & white. Some of the best guys in the industry. Been to HAI twice and HAC once. Recieved numerous bonus's over the years, fly some of the nicest 212's in the world, and always have steady work.


Still have the best job in the world. :punk:

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Vertical Ref -----you just never mind now. Half a culvert is just fine UNTIL you need a hoist for some reason and now you got a problem. I was never sure if "cherry pickers" meant that we needed a HiAb again or the young engineers were going out to the bar chasing females on a Fraday night. :lol:

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