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407 versus Astar

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well thats not going to work at all, thats no good. what kind of crap is that.

privacy act my a$$. what about prevention and safety??? serious!



before you know it,  the next picture of the editor in the vortex, will have him wearing his turbin' and ceremonial dagger? no? stinking commies... joking!

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Biggs, I hear that new bird comes standard equipment with a thigh master, toupee headset and 1000 hours or 2 years (which ever comes first) worth of viagra!!!


scarry, while all the fixed wing boys have visions of suger plums dancing in their heads the heli riff raff are barking at the moon destroying kyles new site!!! some things never change...

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I'm a size 6, (font that is) hey, I like this bigger, better bolder... Cool, VERT REF I think yur onto sompin! 

So brown, is that aceptibull DTC, DCT....hey wait this matches the brew and this matches the wibs! 

'bout the cookoo's nest, we didn't actually fly over, we fell out !!


PS CTD:  I'll lay off the pink only if ya stop calling me Dude!  9.gif

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Hey, Kyle, bet you''re sorry we joined the club! Don''t give up on us, we''ll settle down someday, and show''em that we really are a smart bunch (even if some of us are short, chuncky, bald, hairy ....why does "I''ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts" ringing in my head this morning!)


VertRef: Thigh Master, really - right on! Toupe headset, cool! Does it come in various colors?

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VRef - they have changed - ordinarily we''d be after his wife.


Biggles knew me back when I had most of my hair, and was about 50 lbs lighter. Old Biggy has aged more gracefully than me - how''d you keep your hair so dark Dude?


winnie, I''d like to hear how old Ninja Throttle did on his 300 checkout.

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No offense taken - that''s why I''m a retired CTD.


Except for pure military stuff, like the attack or battlefield helicopters, the only crash tests I''ve ever heard of are the fuel cell drop tests, and the seat-specific tests. For the fuel cell tests, they actually drop an airframe, but they don''t have anything to do with cabin integrity.


I was around for a few ''first types'' at Bell, especially the 427 - which was a pure from-scratch, first-off, and that''s all we did. I imagine that EC, Agusta, Sikorsky et al don''t have it in their flight test programs for civvie stuff either. The reason is, because it''s not a requirement under FARs, CARs or JARs.

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I was there when the Astar was first tested. Yes, it''s hard to believe, but it''s true. They had a whole lot of very good french wine, some lovely french maidens, and some goose liver pate, and they all got drunk and sang songs well into the night as only drunken frenchmen can do. This went on for days. Oh yes, the helicopter tests, well, I never actually saw that part, but they said that they tested it.

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