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Transport Canada Corruption

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Holly Molly


I guess we are not as free as we thought we where in Canada. Now we are not even allowed to critisize or bring attention to the unequivical fact that there is major systemic corruption at Transport Canada Pacific Regional offices.


Wow, this is taking drawbridge, stove pipe policy to a new all time high


Why was the topic removed?


We must not be afraid of the truth.


WOW! this is kinda like east german Checka mind control.


Kreepy!! :down:

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Bladethrow (Kyle if you don't mind my replying) the topic I would think was removed because it was hijacked (happens all the time) in the sense that opinions/comments were no longer made about the subject title/topic but rather towards the "poster" in a rude irrational behavior and seemingly, though many warnings were made, the only way to contain or stop the show was to bring the curtain down.


Kyle or whomever: that would make you a fat singing lady !!! :D

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Thanks Biggles for your post.


Bladethrow... It was never removed, not one post was ever edited in fact. Easy there Bladethrow. The topic was dead, there was no chatter on it for a couple of days and it was moved to a more appropriate forum, Just Conversation. It did also get out of hand, so yea, that was part of the reason to close it down too.


If you have not realized it yet, I take, rather I get pissy when people say censorship. I have always stated, you are accountable for what you say on these forums, and I personally feel those that posted to that thread were accountable, so, nothing needed to be removed.


Go look in the Just Conversation.


BTW - how come you did not PM me like the others did? I think I will have to add a bandwagon clause to the rules as well.

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Rosco :


I have talked to Bladethrow on the phone at length.


May I suggest that we give him some room here as I do not think it will be of any advantage to him or us to go any further into this at this point in time..


In otherwords for the good of all of us lets not aggrivate him as he has had enough already...he needs time.


Chuck E....

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" DN from the PRregional office has been in touch and I will be sure to post any information as it comes in. "


If you are refering to the same DN that I think you are, tape every word, have several witness.


If he handles your case anything like he did mine you will never get fair treatment, and when you go higher you will really get screwed..


..then again there are different ways of judging things, what I or any person with any sense of honesty and integrity would consider dishonesty, DN and those above him consider "Quite Satisfactory "


**** I have it in writing..


Good luck.


Cahs. W.

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