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Out Of Control


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Hey Guys,


As it was said before, one of the problem is that there are to many helicopters on the maket. I think this is due to the fact that canadian pilots are to good and that they don t crash often enough. LOL! That's all. LOL! That is why we are fly with 25 + years old helicopters most of the time.



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Maybe someone can answer this one, a Contract pilot comes to work for us, he wants a signed contract that he will supply. We discuss terms covering everything from wages, meals, transportation costs, rotation, length of contract, etc. We both sign this contract and continue on ops normal. A short time later he has a problem in his personal life comes into my office and tells me he has to go. This particular pilot is a great guy and I know it's what he has to do. My question is what good is this contract to me? What can I do if the pilot does not meet the contract agreement? We all know and I've read it time and time again on this forum that if things change for the operator (lack of work, loss of contract, etc.) and they do not fullfill the contract they are the biggest SOB's around. My answer to my own questions is NOTHING!!!! They mean NOTHING and I can do NOTHING. Plus if I could would I want someone working for me that is forced to work for me, No Way.

I know there are bad operators out there, but there are also good ones and the same goes for pilots. So next time you want the operator to sign your contract make sure you are able to hold up your end of it as well.

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I'll tell ya chopperman, I have yet to find a company that would offer a written contract without the shotgun clause. I agree with you that when a person makes a commitment in writting or otherwise it must be adhered to. There are times when there are emergency problems like a death in ones family but in all seriousness I would not ever break a contract. In the event of death a week or 2 to deal with the matter would be the only recess to the terms and condition of a contract.


I am dying to meet a company that can keep good to thier word, like the old days when a gentlemans word was his bond. Maybee I should be looking for a time machine instead of a job.


I do know that all a man or person has is thier word. Shame that there are those that can't stick to thier guns.


You give your word, and you stick to it.- Full stop.

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The contract is also useful to make sure that if you move (at your own expense) a considerable distance to take up a job, that you actually get the rate that was promised over the phone. Nowadays I don't move without one, unless I know the company very well.


I've had to break contracts - life happens - but not before I've made sure they've got their training dollar back.



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