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Tc Police


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you know, not that i want to stir up some s%&t but....no wait, i do :P


but seriously, what's the difference if i see on the evening news that "kyle aviation" is under investigation or someone would tell me here?


everybody talks about freedom of this and freedom of that...............


where do we draw the line? is there really a line?


if i wanted to waste my time by typing out "george carlin's 7 words you never say" is that crossing the line? or using the same words to carefully express how i really felt? how about that i need to type certain things to express my artistic ideas?


WHO really decides what is right or wrong, who is there to show us WHERE that fu$%*ng line is? cuz i'll tell you, if the sonafab$%ch doesn't show his %$#$#$ face around here soon i'm gonna tear someone a new @ssh&*e!!!!!!!!!!!!!


:punk: :up: :punk: :up: :punk: :up: :punk: :up: :punk:

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Guys, quite simply, it was posted as a "I have heard a rumour....", then this was followed by a request for a more specific location. Well, what if that location was precise enough that anyone could figure out who the "rumour" was about. And then what happens if the rumour was totally wrong?


If you owned or worked for the company that this "rumour" was about, and it was false, what happens then? What would you do?


I think the evening news you watch is very careful when and if they report on "rumours", I just want to make sure you guys are too.


Hey, I was only looking out for everyone's best interest. If you feel confident enough, go ahead and name the company, that will be only your decision, not mine. I just do not think it would be wise, that's all.


But, I will let you decide, go ahead, carry on.


... and of course, if this was not a "rumour", then we would not be chatting in this regard right now.

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aaahhh kyle...................


i was hoping for a my forum, my rules response :P:D


i hope no one took me seriously.......i didn't mean to offend anyone...just making a point........ :(


wait a sec.....who am i kidding.................



:punk: :up: :punk: :up: :punk: :up: :punk:

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