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Md 500e "pinky"


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Hey everyone I thougt I'd share a few pictures I took today at work. Our last day on the fire crew is tomorrow so the fella's at the hangar (awesome bunch of guys) gave us a quick ride around the area for the last time this year :( sadly. But we had a great time and it was alot of fun :D .

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Guest Bullet Remington



Nice pix of the DNR hanger in Shubie! Old C-GPNS in the back ground still sittin at her usual place. What's she got on her now? 4,000 hours? :mellow:


Like that shot coming into the strip from the West (Stewieack side). :P


Those feet, on the pedals, look like B. L.'s, or even B'M's! :punk:


M.W, D.T and BB still flogging around there? The brown 500 looks like DML, can't make out the registration on the ***** ship. That one must've been painted for little B.M.!! :up:


Say hello to Less is More, sittin back in the corner in front of PNS! ;)

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I just about puked when I walked in the hangar 2 years ago and saw that pink heli.They bought that ride after they sold my old ride RVV which I flew for the Power Corp for a few years.And your rigkt they are a good bunch of guys,and dont forget about Patty, she really runs the place not Ross.I think she picked the colour.Really miss the badmenton sp games at lunch.


Have a good weekend all....Mini.....

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Guest Bullet Remington



You flew RVV? the Blue on white machine with the registration on the belly painted on backwards?


Where did that machine end up? you have any idea?


And you're right. Trish the Dish really runs that place. :P Ross is along for the ride, and the glory! :rolleyes: Sure a heck ain't there for the money! :down:

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