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Helicopter Sales

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Yeah, and if medical troops flew in the S-64 hospital pod, they probably weren''t too comfortable, either. Remember they had a bus pod, too? Scary stuff, especially after reading the report on the 500 that dropped it''s cabin section, and occupants, due to some bad welding.

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The KomavKA-26 did a tour in Canada in 1968 or 69 equipped with piston radials.

I was with Harvey when we went along for flight at Aircraft Industries in St.Jean. Very few instruments and the throttles worked with a twist to the left. They would not take the cowlings of and give us a look at the engines or transmission. Was not impressed.


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Downwash-Elvis...I got some stick time in the S-58 piston with Dooley in Dryden in 74...Jerry Flesher was with us as was Gerry Waylen.Gerry was working on Jim Lewis''s 205.What a time we had there.I was just new...fresh licence...the last thing I had flown was a 47.Dooley sure loved flying that 58.Elvis...I see you have flown DZE...that old gal is still around...I got a little time on her also.The 58''s letters were FZM...she''s still going as well...have a good one!

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Cap,haven''t seen the new gtp yet.Had a look at the gt...very nice.Did you go south yet to look for your next ride?I was reading the post on camps,good,bad,etc.I laught so hard my pants are still wet...trouble is I was in most of those s%$@holes.

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Downwash ----- if memory serves me correctly, DP got DZE by way of PHI...correct?


DGP ----- no new cars of any sort for me. Had a business partner that did to me only what 'gays' indulge in. There!....you can laugh about that too while you're at it.


Rodger on the camps too. I like 'duck under glass' for eating, but not 'pilot under canvass' for living and resting. I was recently offered a generator for a real good price, but memory prevented me from buying it....**** things.7.gif


So you just sit down there in your 'fancy-assed' job, with the big paycheque and fancy machine. I suppose you come on here to see how the 'real pilots' are making out? Nothing has changed, so go ahead and gloat. 9.gif I suppose you got Stock Options too, eh?

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