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newbie questions...

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Hey y''all. I''m going to be training for my Commercial License this year and had a few questions for the old timers...

-Would it be worth my time/money to get IFR rating asap?

-Is there much out there right now for low time CFIs?

-BCIT is offering a 2 1/2 week maintenance training course on the B206 this winter. Would this be a good thing for a low time pilot to take?


Thanks for your time! Be safe.

P.S. I aim to be an EMS pilot eventually, so any EMS pilots who have advice that can help steer me in that direction feel free to send a PM!

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Ryan, I will take a stab at answering your questions, Sorry Im not a old timer like you asked for, but I have been flying for 8 short years now. Some of the IFR people here may be able to answer your IFR question. But My

opinion on it is hold off on the IFR rating

till you get some time under your belt.

Get some bush expierence and then if you still want to persue the IFR rating then do it.

You may decide not to go the IFR route.

My theory is to experience as many things as possible then decide what you want to do. You may find your niche with doing something you really like, weather its seismic, heli-skiing, fires, etc.

#### said it all. Hold off on the 206 course. As for the CFI Rating. I beleive you need 300hrs Pilot in Command before you can get a instructors rating. So that

will mean you have to get a job first to accumulate another 200hrs unless you have

a few bucks to buy those extra 200 hrs.

I hope that helped you out. Good luck.


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Hi Ryan


its all good advice so far, as for the IFR, I agree with the others, get some bush time first. I work in the offshore sector and see a lot of pilots with minimal bush time flying as co-pilots. Privately most of them will agree that they wish they had got more time in the bush before making the switch. Also if you intend to go the EMS route bush time WILL save your *** at some point, probably going in to a tricky scene call. Good luck, this is definately the best place to get your questions answered.

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Awesome advice from all of you. Thanks! I was also wondering if employers take a hard look at who a pilot trained with when considering hiring him/her? I hope to train at Coast Helicopter College (VIH), and thought VIH is a large operator I''m not counting on being hired by them right from training.

For what it''s worth I''m taking the course at AES too. Not that I plan on washing a company bird in a lake, but better safe than sorry. Doubt an employer would be wowed by it though... any thoughts?

Firehawk, your 8 years is close enough to "old timer" for me. I won''t call you "old fart" till you hit 10!

Thanks again.

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Ryan. From what I have seen most training companies out there are good. I have never heard of an employer looking at the school you train at. When the six of us were chosen for a mountain course

we were all from different schools.

The employer is going to fly with you and look at you decision making skills, Your attitude and as a new 100hr pilot the last they are looking for is your flying.

(Within reason you have to be able to perform with skill.)

But they arent looking for you to fly like you have 1000hrs. The company that you get on with will train you to how they like you to fly.

Are you taking your training with 2 companies VIH, AES? Is that right?

If so Iam wondering why?

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Nope. AES is a company in Victoria that teaches emergency egress training in case of a ditch into water. Not that I plan to, but should the unthinkable occur I want to ensure my passengers and I get out alive. Guess it''s like auto-rotations though...training you hope you never need.

Thanks again for the info Firehawk! It''s so nice to be able to talk to folks in the know.

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Ryan.........you diffently sound like you got your head screwed on right, keep the atitude up and you shall go very far in this business Atitude is the key.



and you Mr. Firehawk, only 8 years but the wisdom is awe-inspiring now tell us what ya did with 407Driver.......has he been banned from the company pooter or what

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