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My name is Steven Chanyi. I''m 36, married with no sprogs. Although a Canadian, I''ve been living in the UK for the past five years.


I started flight training when I was 16, and the night before my final solo I my car was hit head on by a drunk driver After six months in hospital, some 32 operations under general anaesthetic, and over 200 stitches above my shoulders (including 8 in the left cornea) my dreams of a career in aviation evaporated.


I''ve been working in IT, and have done for about 15 years. I hate it. It came to a head last fall, and I started to investigate flying. I went in and did my medicals (JAR and CAA). I have to great of an astigmatism to meet the JAR requirements, but thankfully have no issues with the Canadian requirements.


So with my Class 1 in hand, I registered with BC Helicopters to start my flight training in April. Unfortunately (for me) one of their flight instructors has left to fly for the Coast Guard, so I''ve been bumped to September. C''est la vie.


So now I''m busying myself doing everything I can think of to prepare for my new career. I''m studying my ground school and other written materials. Working with a Radio Aids and Navigation Training application. I''m also studying for my BC and AB Pesticide Applicator''s permit, advanced First Aid, and hoping to complete some HUET training by the end of the year.


With any luck, I''ll complete my CPL training by the end of the year and be in a position to start looking for my elusive first job; mowing lawns, painting hangars, sweeping floors, washing aircraft, etc. All for 10% of my current salary


On the bright side, I''ll be that much closer to doing something I love - and not spending 4 hours a day stuck in traffic on the M3


So if any of you are at HAC on Tuesday, and feel like offering a few words of support to a newbie, drop me a line

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LongRanger, Oops, I mean "FatNewAstar", you are gonna like your new ride. I remember when I moved up from my dear old 17,000 hr 206B (CJC) to an Astar B, I thought that I went to heaven. (since that day, I swear those darn things almost sent me there a few times too!)You''ll have speed and power beyond your wildest dreams...( well, maybe not YOUR wildest dreams?, but most peoples). when you grow up and get tired of spinning your rotors backwards, try a 407, and you''ll be truly amazed again


PS, I''ll pay BIG $$$ to see a video of your first longlining attempt throuth the PacMan window. On my first attempt, I didn''t need that little ^%&* window, the line was CLEARLY visible out each side window

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LongRanger, shouldn''t the callsign be KPH?  If it wasn''t for those Amerikins and their ''Imperial'' measures...that is another beef.

Enjoy your new ride.  I have some time in a B3 and it is a nice ship.  Just hope that little ''on'' switch doesn''t cease working out in the field.


Hmmm, member #76!  I forsee new adventures in the near future!

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