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Who Are We & What Do We Do

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Wouldn''t it be interesting if the question was "lets guess who we are and what the frig we do?


Biggles is Biggles, doh thats deep! Been in the ops/mtnce support biz longer than I care to say (cept I know a lot of hairloss victims and swollen gut "out patients"). Intend to stay there for as long as it will have me (doh deep again!) and I do what I do 24hrs/day 7 days/wk (I''m not a bean counter)- pink is not my fav color (really), but sure as **** would like to see the CTD Bunny photo (still laughing at that one - painful visual) Hours ha! I wish - that''s beer talk (ah correction, scotch talk).


Enough of moi, lets get back to the ribs/wings/beer subject.

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HI My name is Vertical Ref, and I fly LOGS. I''ve personally clear-cut 500,000 acres of spotted owl terrain with my 204 7/8. Not only do I fly the logs down, but I put them right on the truck too. I use a 300'' kevlar line, and can pick-up a dime off of a stump with that grapple. With the low per diem my cheap boss pays, those dimes are important too !


(how''d I do on your intro V-Ref?)

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Good morning all,


Read all the post from last night and now have tears streaming down my cheeks........yar all nuts by''.


Has anyone ever stayed on a thread topic for more then two posts......no......we have the attention span of my 5 year old, except she is more mature then most of us.


Now my name is RDM, and I''m a retired NBA Basketball player

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