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Who Are We & What Do We Do

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Longranger......your an ar$ehole, although you got ol'' DQ here laughing here butt off.

That was a good day though, DQ, LadyRanger tearing around in the Landspeeder looking for the BeerWench.....hiding the tee''s on the Uppitty crowd comming behind us.

BTW....how is GrannyRanger doing with "the problem"


For the rest of you boys who veiw the photo (aka: "snap" in Newfoundland) it was not for birdie, it was for eagle.

I was looking down not in disgust but the sun had come out for a breif second right before the snap was taken and the glare of the forhead in the background **** near blinded me

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PJ is an army brat from Gagetown now living on the wet coast

Dreams of driving steam chickens and heavy lifters to join in the boast

Getting into this buisiness will require me to come up with a unique trick

So back to my dreams i go, with a shacky hand on my " cyclic "


The previous scary visual has been brought to from your friends at Sleamans Lager

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