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Anyone else hate the new Nav Can wx page???

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FFS....I come back and a new system... frickin' horrible to work with. Used to be great...pick the places of a list and Bob's your uncle... now? Am I missing how much better it is????

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Quite literally 100% of people I've spoken to and work with hate it. 

I used to have a saved page with all the weather stations I'd potentially need for my workday and in five minutes I'd be able to gather the weather information I need for my day. Now it's a frustrating flood of useless information that's significantly less straightforward to find and it's resulted in less situational awareness at work. 

If you hate it then you should do what more people seem to be doing, tell them your opinion.


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I did, months ago.  Just prior to the official release.  Here is my letter: 



I have been using the new proposed wx briefing site.  I find it very unintuitive, and very difficult to translate a picture in my mind from the data provided.   

The old site works extremely well.  The GFA’s are very  easy to interpret.  METAR/TAFS are listed in such a manner that trend monitoring is also easy.  

I have been flying bush flying helicopters for 20+ years, and while change is good, this is unnecessary.  

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And here is their reply: 


We hear your feedback and that we are still committed to providing a useful tool for pilot to access relevant information. Note the AWWS decommissioning has been delayed to February 28, 2024.


We know that CFPS is not perfect but we are working at improving and/or transition to newer tool in the future.


I will just touch a few of the points below. CFPS will soon have a different look. Please note we assure you the following:

  • CFPS does have all of the information AWWS has, it’s just queried in a different way (GFAs, Charts, etc; it’s all there).
  • ASEP will be available at a new location that we’ll announce once it’s ready (so this isn’t going anywhere)
  • The Weather cameras are not going anywhere and are currently available.
  • We will be doing an update to CFPS on the /wxrecall page to make the searching a little more intuitive as well.
  • You can create an account in CFPS, where you can save selected searches where you don’t have de-select the predetermined options.
  • Improved mobile device usage.


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Keep in mind..... these people are just trying to justify their jobs and most likely do not even use the system they are building let alone risk their lives while trying to change a page midair.

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