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The joys of the Astar.

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I`ve recently returned to the ranks of helicopter maintenance, and just had my first go at an AS350. The job was the overvoltage mod. I can`t say I`m impressed with the AStar. Some things are good, such as the easy access to the belly, but the manuals and service bulletins are a joke. The pedestal and switches aren`t too swift either. Just my two cents worth, it is a pretty machine, but not the easiest to fix (aside from the big bucks I spent on metric tools). How would you rate it compared to other types?

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I didnt recall saying anything bad about the Astar. My time spent on it was enjoyable and yes roomy. I didnt even say

what I enjoyed more. Both nice aircraft both have there positives and negatives,

Both had there problems when first brought on line. I would fly either one. Now if I was running my own company. I do know what side I would take.

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I have some time on the 407 with recon and Dunkly lumber. The fadec is a great thing and the gauges witch I never really thought about. The thing I didn''t like was the interiors being ruined from freight being hauled inside and the lack of space.

The astar is a better bush machine in my books, something Bell dosen''t seem to worry about anymore. They just build machines to haul business people to roof tops is my guess.

We all know the 214 rules though

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Yes, the astar has room in it. yes, it has a big flat floor (Main structure and toughest part of the astar in which you sit on top of). Many customers have not even seen a 407 up close but, once they see its performance and ability love it.

Im flying astars right now and have 407 time and would take the 407 anyday.


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KYLE: I do believe that given the recent expulsion of other individuals from advertizing on this web site, I do believe that #### should also be excluded or asked to quit his never ending trival on behalf of Eurocopter. Tony Brown of EC is quite capable of selling thier machine.


The only thing that EC hasn''t come up with is getting a free EC in cracker jacks.


I think that any pilot flying today in any make of machine, is **** lucky.



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Blackmac. You said it perfectly. Any pilot flying today no matter what it is, Is lucky to be where they are.

I have taken out my first comments in this topic due to the soft spor it hit in some.

2.gif The battle between the two machines Iam sure will continue for sometime.

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