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The joys of the Astar.

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I love Astars, thy''re the best helicopter ever built. I really like the way they used a little elastic band to drive the Hydraulics, that''s good engineering, cheap and efficient.! And then the Hydraulic system, they saved weight and expense by installing a hydraulic system that won''t quite handle the increased flight loads in a turn, but look at the weight and cost savings! Who really need Hyd''s in a turn anyway. And the control tubes, handily made out of pressed lawn furniture tubing...just like the cyclic and collective levers, ingenious! The electrics...splendid, putting one of the main electrical panels beneath the rear baggage compartment, so easy to get to, and we NEVER carry and baggage items that leak onto that location. Then those balance hammers under the floorboards, what a great way to smooth out an aircrafts ride, Bell has never thought of that! I must mention the baggage compartments, 3 of them, the customers love all of those little odd shaped compartments, and the doors are so easy to use, in fact, they spring open so easy, in flight or not!


Great Aircraft, The Best

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Thanks Jiggler, your literary abilitys and powers of observation are only exceeded by your good looks and natural piloting attributes!

How could I have forgotten that 350 cabin, with it''s automatic extrication feature, in all of the unfortunate 350 accidents that I attended, no-one''s exit was impeded by a clumsy or claustrophobic cabin encircling them, the unfortunate victims were able to simple stand up and walk away, no doors, no windows, no hassle.....well...except those dear friends of mine that couldn''t walk that is

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Looks like I'm gonna have to use Dynamite to get a good old fasioned scrap going here, ...You boys are all too polite and mellow. Even MagnumSeal, the roughest toughest most experienced metric wrench in the business won't scrap? What gives? Did I miss some "Political Correctness" Seminar when I was gone? 9.gif

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Kyle, I admit I don''t spend nearly as much time on here as some folks, but on both this forum and the last you ran, this is the first time I''ve seen any admonishment to ''stick to the topic'' and, given the degree of topic shanghai-ing I''ve seen on both, sans criticism (except from some of the participants) your comment would appear to be a substantial shift in standards. Should we take this to be a ''wake up'' call, and stop having a good time when it appears warranted?

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Here''s an idea:

Why don''t you all chip in, and give me an ASTAR rating, RDM already lent me the book, and I have read it, that way I can comment about it in a short and expert fashion!! Then there would be no doubt what is the best, and while you''re at it, a 407 as well, or should I rather go for that 204/5 rating...

I think that this is an excellent idea, and I have already chipped in $100 towards it!

And while you at it, go have a look at the photo of a recent visitor to CYQX at the photo section!

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