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Narcissistic Owner

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What would you do if the owner/accountable executive took your wife of 15 years to his townhouse, got drunk and slept with her while you were out flying 8’s in his 212? 

5 years I worked for this snake.  Our families were friends, our kids were friends, we were friends. Completely behind my back, he slithered into the centre of my family and took my wife while I was out making him rich. 

Three weeks prior to this event, I sat in that very same townhouse and listened to him give me relationship advice.  

The best toast at a Christmas party: 

“This gathering is for all you hard working people, but most of all it’s for the wives that endured the summer with their husbands away, I thank you all”

The level of absolute, deceit and disgustingness is inconceivable.  

Thanks for destroying my life PT. I am calling you out, and I do not remotely accept your pathetic emailed apology where you try to tell me “good people make mistakes, make errors is judgment”

You are the farthest thing possible from a good person. 




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9 hours ago, sirlandsalot said:

Thanks for destroying my life PT. 


Well Sirlandsalot..... he ruined your life and it is your turn to repay the favor to this low life peice of ####.

I am sure not many drivers who would work for this ...... slime.

I wish you well. And I am sorry to hear such a horror story.

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What would I do you ask?

1 - Recreate Chernobyl when starting both engines

2 - Introduce his jaw and knees to your favorite baseball lumber, Stand-pipes are an acceptable substitution.

3 - Make sure HIS spouse is well aware of the situation

Take a pause before proceeding, the next step hurts.

4 - LAWYER UP !! hate to break it to you but YOUR spouse is equally at fault if not more ,you know hes a scumbag what's her excuse?

5 - Find a new employer, home and woman, in no specific order.


Actions have consequences ! Forcefully remind him of this fact. ( Emphasis on the forcefully )


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