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Guest Bullet Remington


What are you implying? I''m too young? Cuz if ya are, I owe you a brew! And where I come from that''s a 2 fer. OR, I''m too old, cuz if ya are....don''t make me take my belt off! Ya really don''t want to see me with me pants around me ankles!


Lookit, I''m a child of the 50''s. OK not a child anymore (Maybe). I was born just a couple of years after NuFinLan let Canada join her.


I''ve been 25 with 24 years experience for, oh about the last 5 years now. You do the math. At my age I have better things to do than do goesintas! Ain''t getting any older, I refuse to!


Now you, you old Relic that''s a different story all togather. Don''t think my calculater has enough zeros on it to calculate your age!!

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Iworked with a guy that counted lifts with the transponder dials. I worked the eastern arctic but only 206 and astars. Think I know the 25 a day per diem crowd.

Had a weak power check recently that turned out to be a dirty and sticking bleed valve stem, Had one also when I was at the GREEN MACHINE team in PG.

I have a neighbours kid that is sponsered by the bricklayers union at 26 an hour, so I am trying out the fixed wing world in order to get benefits and overtime for once in my life and no skeeters.

I heard west nile will be with us this year also!

can we get vaccinated??????

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