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So much for them Blackhawks LOL

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8 minutes ago, BJP said:

And the dictatorship within Canada feeds down to Transport Canada Nazi's. Good Grief.

I heard this was coming after the upheaval with TC’s “explanation” of how the regs are interpreted at the last H-A-C.  I wasn’t there I just heard third hand the highlights and just shook my head.  Of course there was no warning, there would be a mad dash for Blackhawk sales/imports had they done so.  Cant wait to see how they address this in the next decade….. 😒

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51 minutes ago, BJP said:

And the dictatorship within Canada feeds down to Transport Canada Nazi's. Good Grief.

There has been an increase in interest among Canadian commercial operators in using aircraft with a Special Certificate of Airworthiness – Limited in aerial work. This may represent a significant change in the risk environment.”. Ya no #### after that last H-A-C revelation RE: Said blackhawks.  They are pulling the safety card so all bets are off.  The disclaimer of risk to buying these aircraft moving forward is a pretty obvious deterrent. 

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3 hours ago, twinstar_ca said:

wow... 😲

I heard this was coming months ago almost verbatim to this (CASA) No. 2024-06.  Transport has to play by their own rules, I’m guessing the large amount of interest in these aircraft is not only a concern of just safety.  Who knows what the real reasoning is.

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26 minutes ago, CM119 said:

Who knows what the real reasoning is.

My guess.

Transport Canada will not train the inspectors on the Blackhawk.

The inspectors got their undies in a knot and have put up road blocks.

If we can't fly them then we will fight to stop them coming into the country.

This is my guess as I cannot think of anything else the inspectors do. We all know they don't shut down shady operators. 

Oh wait.... I forgot about sitting around drinking coffee on a zoom meeting at home because they no longer are required to be in the office. 

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18 minutes ago, twinstar_ca said:

so they'll be old enough to be grey hawks?? asking for a friend... 😄

It was developed in late 1969 (hence S-70 designation) UH60A is a military designation.  Its first flight was in October of 1974, it’s a few months younger than the Écureuil which first flew in June of 1974.
 Not to discredit  the Blackhawk in any way but there’s a reason the marines are replacing it.  Saying it’s the future is like saying Pam Anderson is the future of supermodels 😂.  
It kind of is true however that Canada has largely become the old folks home of otherwise globally deemed retired airframe types.  
The Blackhawk will never make a huge breakthrough in Canadas civilian market so long as they are being used internationally by the G7 militaries at the very minimum. 

The bell V-280 Valour is supposed to start replacing the Blackhawk in 2030 with no firm retirement date yet scheduled for the Blackhawk.  Active military equipment is always a problem with Transport Canada’s aircraft processing.  

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