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OK, so that''s how it works.


Now, do I understand everyone wants to abandon the other site and make this a yummy, union-free, laugh-in?


V-Ref, did you really get turfed and, if so, was it after you registered here? Is there a connection implied, or just GD obvious???

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!!!!!  Wait, why does "gimme my kibbles & bits, gimme my kibbles & bits"  keep ringing in my head!   Ah ha! It must be cuz we''re numero uno at the kennel club ??? Ha ha ha

Spring has sprung......



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well it all started when one flew out of the cookoo''s nest...


sounds like kyle, one of  the admistrator from the other side started his own, and took his patented windsocks with him...hence the loyal windsock cult...i mean followers! and the helicopter section has grown like the heads of the hydra!!!


harder and harder to spell the more i


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