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see told ya CTD had wings and beer...DOH!!!



Biggs,  ya dude xnay on the pink ay - or will have to start callin'' ya Mr. Pink as per the reservoir dogs contract!!!


gotta love the font, colour and SIZE thing, makes ya think you are bigger than you actually are. no i mean...no ah...oh...forget it!!!

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I''m a size 6, (font that is) hey, I like this bigger, better bolder... Cool, VERT REF I think yur onto sompin! 

So brown, is that aceptibull DTC, DCT....hey wait this matches the brew and this matches the wibs! 

''bout the cookoo''s nest, we didn''t actually fly over, we fell out !!
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Go to the "Just Conversation" bit, Kyle has explained it all there.


Biggles - you sure you''re not at the skinny end of a bottle with ol'' VRef? Have to admit that my convalescence was aided last night by a cheeky Bordeaux. Actually, that''s pretty much every night, so no news there....


407 - Nah, I kinda like pink. As a matter of fact, pink is the colour of the inside of my ...... Anyway, keep those Polaroids to yourself, or I''ll get my photo editor going and spin up a picture of you being rescued from the grips of a crazed group of bikini-clad female ski-guides, by a CHC A-Star.

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