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How many hours to get your class 4 again? like 250 something like that?


Cole B)

Here Cole....Cars 421.77 Class 4 requirements are as follows...250 hrs. PIC helicopters, 15 hrs min Instrument time of which 10 may be in an approved ground trainer (sim), 25 hrs of ground instruction from a class 1 instructor, 30 hrs dual flight time plus 5 hrs instrument and last but not least 70% min on each of two exams HIRAF and FIREN, you may write the exams once you have accomplished 50% of the training, and 10 hrs flight time .....hope that answers your question......Cheers H56


:) Oh and by the way.......if some of you are wondering about this instructor wage thing....i'll give you an example, last Feb. i billed out 192hrs for that month at $70/hr, remember you get paid for solo time, so it can be financially rewarding also with good (time) management.... ;)

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hmmm now where to get the other 150 hours??? lol

Cole :punk:

unless you are working for A company that has A FTU I would speak to companys that do and ask if they would employ you !

you will need 30 hours of dual flight instruction from A class 1 instructor at A minimum of 75$ an hour plus the aircraft, also minimum 25 hours of ground instruction from A class 1 instructor and then for the first 100 hours you have to be under the direct supervision of A class 1 or 2 instructor untill you get your class 3


Go to transports web page and look at how many or how few instructors there are in canada then start asking the FTUs if they are after instructors.

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While we're on the subject, what's the minimum hours that the average pilot needs before being considered for a instructing position at the Class 4 level?


I assume you mean after you've obtained the rating.


It seems like there's always a demand for instructors no matter what their experience or Class. One might have to change locations but I'm pretty sure there are still some spots that need to be filled. It's a valuable ticket to have when searching for winter work.



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