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max flight time in any 24 hour???


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yes i'm using the Tom Vale instructor Cd ad came accoss this question?


The maximum flight time for a flight crew member in any 24 hour

period is

1. 5 hrs

2. 10 hrs

3. 15 hrs

4. 20 hrs

They tell me that the answer is #3 15 hours how can you get this. i look in the culhane and they say 14 hours??? i'm lost please help me.



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Here Here!  It never ceases to amaze me how many who think they want to become professional pilots, would use Culhane to look up something that is in CARs, and therefore your responsibility to know.


What else are you going to expect someone else to look up for you next time you have an emergency?

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i don''t see why the bashing has to be we are all on the same side here. Hea i even ask a friend that works for a major airline and he said 14 too. Hea thats why we ask, sometime you don''t know how TC indexes things....


But thanks to sharky and C-FCRA for there answer....

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I''ve been reading these forums long enough now, and I suspect so have you, to know that for every correct answer someone gives there is at least one self professed know-it-all who will give a wrong answer and argue it''s validity without trying to check it out where the original poster should have looked in the first place.


These forums are a good place for us to voice our opinions on what we may think of the regs, but the regs are where the answers are. (much as we may not like it)

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Are we talking about flight time or flight duty time? If the latter, the question is wrong!


There is no maximum flight time limit in 24 hours, as such, except 8 hours if you're single-pilot IFR, or if you've done a 15-hour duty day beforehand. The "maximum" derives from the maximum duty day.


It is theoretically possible to do 15 flight hours in a duty day of 15, but the maximum duty day anyone can do is actually 17, if you take into account split duties - since this is based on rest taken in the duty period, you would only be able to do 14 hours flight time. 15 is the "right" answer, but only because the others are wrong.


Phil Croucher


CARs in Plain English

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