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Guest Airplay

now quit your whining once and for all."


Thats the point of my post(s). The "underground" TC site is full of unconstructive whining.


I agree on the anonimity bit. But that doesn''t dilute my desire to know who the operators who are doing the "whining" in the underground..



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Hi ####:


This time around I can guarantee you that the industry will have a better chance to defend themselves from abuse by faceless bureaucrats within the system.


The Acting Regional Director General Transport Canada that had my file has assured me that the eight Recommendations made by McNeal & Associates, the company hired to investigate my harassement claim against M&M will be acted upon.


I can assure you that I will share the Recommendations with the Industry and we can insist that they follow through with the implementation of the recommendations.


Not only has he told me in person with a journalist present as my witness but he has written me a letter stating it will be done.


So the next time one of these TC Managers thinks he can just shove it right up us without any fear because he knows his superiors will cover for him he just may have to re think his position.


The arrogarance shown by the guy in charge was something to behold. He told me he was not in the least afraid of me and I could just do what ever I thought I needed to do, he made it perfectly clear to me that he could do what ever he felt like and there was nothing I could do about it.


Well we will see how much power he has now that his superiors are trying to find a way out of the mess they allowed him to get them into.


I''m betting that if push comes to shove the guy that made the promise to me that there would be changes will get his way....


Wouldn''t it be nice to see some accountability in the monster that they have created?


I have to head over to London shortly so I have been posting as much as I can at this point, go look at pprune in the Canada thread, and it should be evident that I finally have had enough and am sharing more and more of this mess.


As I told Ottawa maybe I can''t afford the courts but I will take a shot at the court of public opinion.



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Well, being new here, I''m still checking things out.  However I''ve found that there are certain people who just like to wind things up.....


"I went and visited the "underground" today.  Its the funniest aviation site I''ve ever seen!  Lots of "boo-hoo" I''ve been done wrong just because I threatened TC and broke the law...."


Well, I do believe that the website is for people who have a beef with Transport Canada..  As for your interpretation of the beef, well it is your own...  I have not seen any example of where the person has intentionally broken the law..


"If you really want to make a difference though, maybe you guys should consider making an "underground" Air Canada web site.  Air Canada has inflicted more harm to the Canadian aviation industry in the last 15 years than Transport Canada has managed in its entire history."


While I will agree that Air Canada has done some things in this industry that have not been for the better of it, I will not agree that they have been the worst influance that has done the most harm...  I would say that federal politics had a huge role in this before privatization but since then it''s been a free market which unfortunatley has not worked well in our country.  I would guess that you are an ex Canadian employee by that remark...  Maybe you should talk to Rhys Eaton who took a very profitable PWA and turned it into a bankrupt Canadian.... 


"Its nice to have an opinion.  Ours just clash.  No big deal.  Care to divuldge YOUR company and identity?  I don''t come to this site to represent my employer. "


You do not have to identify your employer but if you are complaining about the anonymity, maybe you should divulge your own identity.. 





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Guest Airplay

Wind up? It's called "discussion". There are several posts on this forum that state there isn't enough discussion. Well, those statements present some points to discuss.


For every opinion, there can be several counter-opinions. That's the way discussions work. If everyone agreed on everything, this forum would serve no useful purpose. If we just hung around here and patted each other on the back, this forum would be useless.


If you find yourself getting "wound-up" over a statement, then make your opinon known. But don't whine about it....


By the way, Air Canada destroyed this industry by continuously offering seats at below cost in an attempt to bankrupt the rest of the airlines and achieve a monopoly. This predatory pricing policy might of worked if it had not been for unforseen successful contenders like Westjet, who have managed to operate a good company with reasonable wages and customer satisfacdtion.


Air Canada is an old bloated collection of overpaid, underworked, labor paired with hack and slash management with a "scortched earth" financial plan. They just ran out of money before they decimated the entire industry.


Isn't it nice to have an opinion?



But now, back to the topic. The "underground" site has a few new features. One post introduces a TC joke with a TC inspector at the but of the joke. It doesn't address any policy. It's just plain juvenile degradation. Is that constructive? I wonder if any operators would be offended by a joke like that? For instance:


How do you know a 704 operator is lying? His lips are moving....


Not constructive at all.


Also, there is a post about CAMC and OSH. What's the use of whining about CAMC or OSH on a site meant to discuss TC problems? Why not just start talking about how Walmart ripped you off for the stereo you bought there?


Again, the "underground" is proving to be a source of enjoyment for me, so keep it up!



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Well, quite a statement.. 


I see you didn''t comment on my statements regarding Rhys Eaton...  Must be an old Blue Team boy.. 


As for me getting wound up, I think you will find that I''m old a crusty enough that whatever is said on here will just be water off a ducks back...  If I ever got wound up by something said on an anonymous forum I''d be ashamed of myself.  Being anonymous allows people to run off at the mouth in a way that they would never do in a face to face conversation. 


Just remember the analogy of what opinions are like....



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Guest Airplay

I see you didn't comment on my statements regarding Rhys Eaton... Must be an old Blue Team boy..


Okay. I’ll bite. By the way. Does that statement mean you’re a “red team” boy? Can’t someone have an opinion on aviation in Canada without being labeled like that?


Maybe you should talk to Rhys Eaton who took a very profitable PWA and turned it into a bankrupt Canadian....


You should take a serious look at this document:




There you will realize that Canadian Airlines was doomed as soon as Air Canada became privatized with 0 debt and Hollis Harris decided to increase capacity on all routes even though there was over-capacity already. This started the “0” debt status spiral into the red to support his predatory policies and his desire to kill CAI.


CAI was holding it’s own, and had good public support but management there realized they were in trouble MUCH earlier than Air Canada seems to be realizing it.


Was CAI management efficient? No. Not particularly. Did directors and share holders make a pile of money when the liquidated shares and ran? Probably. But what on earth does that have to do with Air Canada and its detrimental affect on the industry? Air Canada continued to lose money at an alarming rate even with an 80% market share. How the **** do you do that? I know. By offering your product at below cost.


You may ask, what does AC have to do with TCCA? Nothing directly. But my point was that if you are concerned about detrimental elements in the aviation industry TODAY, the focus should be on Air Canada. Not TCCA. Not Rhys Eaton. Not CAI.




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