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AS350 AD

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Bruised, Now I really feel sorry for you, fying a machine wihout hydraulic.


Not trying to be a smart ***, if you take a problem and do a risk assessment and find that you can live with it, as the alternative is not cost effective, you like anybody else will live with it.


Bell never fixed the 204 problem for that reason.


They produced a 205 which eventually became a single engine 212 and you will find 204 parts on a 212.


The 204 was an anomoly. The 205,212 & 412 all support the same airframe. Cost effective.


And the story goes on, etc.

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Guest sharky


Didn't TC force EC's hand in this AD? To make them finally do something about it? Are other countries having similar experiences with the hydraulic systems?

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Blackmac, Funny, har har.


CTD. I have seen pictures of those Honeywell displays. Something like 50K? Don''t they make a FADEC/tattle box for the C20 as well? (or is that somebody else)


Also....let it be know that I do NOT drive a tricked out Honda Civic. That''s Flingers dream.

Mrs. Shaved Armpits almost talked me into a Minivan to drive the pit-lettes around in, but I was brave and resisted.


Flinger....come visit and check out my new wheels...the beer is bottled too...ready for consumption in early June!

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You hit it on the nose when you called yourself a 'Yanker.' 9.gif

Maybe I should have held off on that comment until I tested your beer. We'll meet and drink soon. Maybe the Sharkster could come down too. He could teach us about the notorious YYB Cougar. I hear they're fericious. ReoW!


Captain Speller.

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Hey Bruised pitts.......


ya got that CV in to the CP yet or what, had a guy come thru the hangar this morning and we took him for a burn in the "big *****" and I think he may be hooked on all the gizmo's we got......


the line is getting longer,



Needlesplit....... good seeing ya, be careful with the exam, I circled some of the wrong answers for ya so your mark will be lower then mine11.gif also sent a e-mail to the chief kahuna on your behalf, now you owe me that quart you promised, come by anytime, you were well received...........to bad I'm not9.gif

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Know this is probably old news, but my Ops Manager wanted to know if it is possible to get the complete type rating again on the ASTAR or not (with regards to Hyd off). We have someone that may be interested in getting it, however it's no point if you can't complete it...


Thanks to any replies :up:

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